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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Total Performance Data (TPD) and What Exactly do they do?

The following quote is from Will Duff Gordon, CEO Total Performance Data; 

“As outlined in this video (from 57 minutes 14 seconds) we have been on quite a journey to produce this live content and expect to continually invest in the technology to stay ahead. The video accompanied by this FAQ document explains more about the system.  


From 2016-2020 the mission was to make the system good enough to win as many racecourse (content) contracts as possible. Streaming low latency live data from over 80 racecourses means we have achieved that mission with many more to come.   


The goal from now onwards, and we have the financial firepower to achieve this, is to go from being a jack of all trades to a master of each of them! By this I mean a desire to be excellent at all of the services we provide which run from sectional times, final times (in the US), TV graphics, In Play odds, post-race performance metrics and the list goes on. “  

Will Duff Gordon  //  CEO Total Performance Data 

What is In-Play Horse Racing Data?

Live in-play data including speeds, positions and GPS co-ordinates are collected in real time, with trackers in the horse’s saddle cloths, then transmitted to your chosen betting platform, via TPD servers, for you to bet and trade against. 


Using the latest GNSS / GPS positioning technology, designed and developed in Cambridge, TPD’s Race Pace positioning data, streams live, in race, real time positions within fractions of a second. Speed, stride length, distance and split time calculations are all transmitted while the race is in progress. 

The GPS data quantifies racing efficiency in real-time and is nothing short of revolutionary. The data helps you open positions early into races, for example to lay short priced horses running with the choke out, and back horses at good prices and who are running efficiently. 

Who is Responsible for the Provision of GPS Data?

The responsibilities are summarised as follows: 


TPD (Total Performance Data):

the principal stakeholder and providers of in-running data and horse racing timing technology and the owners of the Bet Mover application. See the above Q. and A. regarding TPD for more detail. 


Gmax Technology:

The engineering team responsible for the design and development of the state of the art GPS tracking systems used to record and deliver the TPD data.   


Other Data Providers:

A plethora of other data is provided in partnership with the racecourse and media rights holders – Arena Racing Company (ARC) and At The Races (ATR) in the UK and Equibase in the US. 


The above stakeholders each supply various datasets which are then transacted into graphical representations and information which can be viewed, in real time, on various devices. 

How Accurate is the GPS Data?

To provide a graphical representation and some context around data accuracy: 

  • 1 horse length is 167ms so an average error in the chart below (purple of 50ms) means there is an average positional error of a head.  
  • BUT, two errors of that size in opposite directions means an error of half a length. The error is random, each positional update is independent of the last. 


Whilst glitches do occasionally occur, we can report that 85% of the GPS tracked horses are reported to an accuracy of within 1m – the accuracy is often to within centimetres. 

What is the Latency?

By using radio frequencies we can transmit the data very fast and you should expect it to arrive into your platform in under 100ms. 

Do TPD Regularly Monitor the Accuracy of the GPS Data?

Reports detailing the finish line accuracy of every tracking device are generated immediately after every race. In addition to this post race video analysis is done, furlong by furlong, to monitor tracker performance in every single race that is tracked. 

Do any Other Organisations use the TPD Data?

Yes, TPD data feeds are widely used by TV companies – ITV, Sky Sports Racing for example, a number of leading Bookmakers , racecourses, owners, trainers and punters. 

Which Tracks are Covered by the TPD In-Play Data?

Why are Fences and Hurdles Occasionally Missing From my Screen?

The positions of hurdles and jumps at national hunt race tracks, particularly hurdles, often move position between race fixtures. Sometimes by as much as a furlong.   

As a result of these movements our on course operators walk both hurdles and jumps tracks and record the positions of all obstacles before the start of every fixture.  

Unfortunately there may be rare occasions when jumps and/or hurdles are put in place or moved on track too late for our operators to carry out their surveys. In these cases no jumps/fence data will appear. 

How Do I Access the TPD In-Play Data?

You simply need to create a FREE TPD.Zone Account and then buy a Live Data Subscription. 

A live data subscription will get you a Licence Key which you will use to access the data, by copying into the requisite field of your chosen betting / trading platform. 

You can choose from a number of subscription levels, ranging from Lite (e.g. weekend usage) to Pro access, any of which will grant access to a number of races, data streams and allow use on a number of IP addresses, depending upon the level of subscription purchased.  

*Enter your Access Key into your platform(s) of choice. There are no limits on how many different platforms you can access with your TPD Zone subscription. 

What Are The Exact Details of Each Subscription Plan?

You can see details of our affordable monthly plans here

You Mention Other TPD Zone Apps – What Do You Mean by This?

The TPD data is currently available in both Bet Mover and Bet AngelIn due course the data will be available in a number of betting and trading platforms, all of which will be accessed by the purchase of one Licence Key.

I am only able to participate in the markets at weekends, is there a payment plan that would suit me?

Yes the Lite package, £25 monthly, was specifically designed with weekend warriors in mind.  You can purchase it here.

Why do different Subscription Plans benefit from different speeds?

This is purely to reflect the additional cost of delivering faster updates. 

How Can I Contact TPD Zone Support in Case of a Problem With My Licence Key?

Please send an email to 

Do You Offer a Free Trial?

We do not offer a free trial, however there is a very affordable “Trialist” subscription plan. 

Click Here to check it out. 

How Can I be Kept Informed of New Developments?

The best way to do this would be to create a FREE TPD Zone Account and as part of the process you will automatically be added to our mailing list.  

We hate spam as much as you do and we will only ever email you when we have some important and exciting news to share.