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TPD Zone - Live Data Subscriptions

Access to the live GPS data, currently via Bet Mover, Bet Angel or Gruss Betting Assistant can be achieved by the purchase of one of the following Subscription Plans. Please note that your subscription is a recurring monthly payment, but which can be easily cancelled from within your Account Dashboard


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£ 10 Monthly
  • 1 connection
  • 1 concurrent IP
  • 20 races / month
  • 800ms updates
50p per race


Ideal for weekend warriors
£ 25 Monthly
  • 1 connection
  • 1 concurrent IP
  • 100 races / month
  • 400ms updates
25p per race


Ideal for extra races
£ 40 Monthly
  • 1 connection
  • 1 concurrent IP
  • 200 races / month
  • 400ms updates
20p per race


Ideal for everyday use - UK races
£ 60 Monthly
  • 3 connections
  • 2 concurrent IPs
  • 450 races / month
  • 200ms updates
13p per race


Ideal for ALL UK & US races
£ 100 Monthly
  • 4 connections
  • 2 concurrent IPs
  • 1200 races / month
  • 200ms updates
11p per race


Ideal for multiple platforms
£ 250 Monthly
  • 6 connections
  • 3 concurrent IPs
  • Unlimited races
  • 200ms udpates


Ideal for professionals
£ 450 Monthly
  • 24 connections
  • 4 concurrent IPs
  • Unlimited races
  • 200ms updates


Races Per Month:

Races do not necessarily have to be purchased on the 1st of the month. A subscriber’s month’s access will start on the date of purchase and expire 30 days later.


A connection is a distinct app or routine that is consuming live in-play data. By way of an example, a subscriber running Bet Mover and one Bet Angel Servant, on the same race, would be logged as using two connections.

Concurrent IP Addresses:

A subscriber’s IP address(es) will be monitored and the subscriber will only be permitted to run concurrent TPD Zone apps and trading platforms on the number of IP addresses congruent with the Plan to which they subscribe.

Having purchased a Subscription Plan the subscriber receives a license key. This key will unlock TPD content on those 3rd party apps, trading platforms or websites that have integrated TPD content. A list of approved TPD content vendors is here