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Bet Mover

Bet Mover is an easy-to-use yet feature-rich web application and which includes an in-play module which quantifies racing efficiency in real-time and which is nothing short of revolutionary. We help users bet early into races to lay short priced horses running with the choke out, and back horses at good prices and who are running efficiently.





Bet Angel

Bet Angel is the popular cutting edge Betfair trading software that has a vast range of features to help you bet or trade more effectively on Betfair.

Bet Angel will help you trade manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically using its suite of customisable and innovative tools. Now Bet Angel includes the ability to include a TPD feed. Meaning you can elevate your in-play trading to a completely new level.



Gruss Betting Assistant

Gruss Betting Assistant offers one-click betting in a standard grid or ladder type interface, it has the ability to link into Excel and deploys a wealth of functionality to suit all betting/trading styles.

Betting Assistant is a constantly evolving solution where the Developers listen to the users and their needs. Users can communicate directly with the Developers, make suggestions and exchange ideas on the Betting Assistant Forum.