Bet Angel

What is Bet Angel?

Bet Angel is the popular cutting edge Betfair trading software that has a vast range of features to help you bet or trade more effectively on Betfair.

Bet Angel will help you trade manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically using its suite of customisable and innovative tools. Now Bet Angel includes the ability to include a TPD feed. Meaning you can elevate your in-play trading to a completely new level.

Bet Angel’s In-running betting and trading features

Bet Angel brings a range of key features that will significantly enhance your betting or trading on horse racing markets. Enhance them further with a subscription to TPD.

All features are customisable and can be used together and in practice mode. This ensures you can learn to use them all without any risk.

To take advantage of Bet Angel’s TPD Integration, sign-up for a FREE TPD Zone Account and then choose an appropriate Subscription Level.