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Gruss Betting Assistant

What is Gruss

Gruss Betting Assistant offers one-click betting in a standard grid or ladder type interface, it has the ability to link into Excel and deploys a wealth of functionality to suit all betting/trading styles.

Betting Assistant is a constantly evolving solution where the Developers listen to the users and their needs. Users can communicate directly with the Developers, make suggestions and exchange ideas on the Betting Assistant Forum.

Gruss Betting Assistant; Those who react fastest will get the best prices

That’s why Gruss Software offers you exceptional one-click efficiency that could be the difference between getting the price you’re after or missing out.

Gruss Betfair Betting Assistant software removes the time consuming steps that delays your money hitting the market, giving you the crucial edge in your backing and laying strategies. 

One click and your bet is placed.

Built-in flexibility allows you to pre-set stakes; you can set different amounts for backing and laying, even different amounts for different prices.

You are in control of the software and you can customise to exactly suit your preferences – there are unlikely to be two in-running betters who approach their betting in exactly the same way!

And in tandem with Gruss allowing you to place bets in a different way, there is a smooth interaction with your Betfair account.

By listening to clients over the years extra bits of functionality have been added that you will undoubtedly find useful.


To take advantage of Gruss Betting Assistant’s TPD Integration, register for a FREE TPD Zone Account and then choose an appropriate Subscription Level.