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Metric Name





Official Time (OT)

Official Finishing Time


Stride Length (SL)

Stride Length (average excluding the first 50m)


Stride Length recorded in the race

Long Stride = better suited to longer distance

Stride Frequency (SF)

Stride Frequency (average excluding the first 50m) 

Count of strides per second

Strides per second recorded in the race

High SF = sprinter 

Low SF = middle distance runner

Speed Rating (SLxSF)

Speed potential according to stride profile



Measure of speed 

Time To Reach (TTR)

Early Speed


Timing from out of the gate to reaching 35 mph (flat) or 25mph (jumps)

Gate speed facilitates gaining track position and is key to winning dirt and sprint turf races

Run Out Speed (ROS)

Late speed recorded after crossing the finish line

Miles Per Hour

Speed 4s after the finish line

Horses racing relatively quickly after the finish line may be horses to follow next time or could be suited to a longer distance

Top Speed (TS)

Top speed reached at any point in the race

Miles Per Hour

See definition

The best horses have a high top-speed

Max Effort Zone (MEZ)

Percentage of the whole race distance raced within 5% of top speed – the higher the % the better


See definition

Measure of fitness and staying power

Speed Variation (SV)

Variation in speed – the lower, the better

Miles Per Hour

Degree of speed variation from average speed

Smoothness of run allowing to identify most efficient use of energy (and notable jockey performances)

Power Per Meter (PPM)

Measure of the horse’s power

Unit of power per meter raced

Acceleration x Speed every second

Better horses have a higher score

Jump Count (JC)

Obstacles successfully jumped

Number of fences/hurdles

Jumping Fluency (JF)

Average lowest speed at each jump (mph) pre and post obstacle. Higher number the better

Miles Per Hour

See definition

Measure of jumping ability 

Speed At Start Line (SAS)

Speed when crossing the official start line

Miles Per Hour

Fast v slow to start

Distance Ran (DR)

Distance raced


Max Win Probability (MWP)

Highest % chance of winning during the race according to TPD’s algorithm


See definition

Identifying unlucky losers or one’s to watch

Best Place (BP)

Best running order position