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An example of what can be achieved by diligent use of the GPS data. The following was the winning entry re our Royal Ascot 2023 Challenge; Congratulations to James who received a magnum of champagne and a complimentary month’s subscription to TPD Zone.

James’ submission was as follows;

“I had to nip out this afternoon and missed a couple of races but as is usually the case my Bet Angel automation, configured with TPD GPS data, was running.

In my opinion the large quality fields and wide track of Royal Ascot are perfect to leverage the advantages that the use of TPD data can provide and despite not even being at my PC I picked out an excellent profit in the very competitive 3:40pm, 17 runner Group 1 King’s Stand Stakes. [Tuesday 20th June 2023]

With more than a furlong to travel the TV cameras panned away from the small group of nearside horses, leaving Vadream, Dramatised and Cannonball all completely out of shot.

It was impossible to tell from the TV pictures whether these horses remained in contention or not, but with my Bet Angel automation analysing the TPD data, several times a second, the automation was able to calculate the point at which they could, realistically, no longer win the race.

Lay bets were automatically placed on each of the three horses and a nice profit was secured with the three selections finishing 12th, 15th, and 17th. “

TPD Zone subscriber and Bet Angel user