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Connecting to the Stream

Connection is made via a web socket at wss://

A response is received with a status message, message and connection id if successful.

The client must then request a race within 4 seconds of the initial connection. This message includes your streaming Vendor Key, the clients own paid for access Client Key, an array of share codes they wish to receive and what fields they want to include in data packets,

The client will then receive another status message along with a cache of static race data (market cache)

The client will then receive a heartbeat every 10 seconds (if race data has not been sent) and race packets when they are available, at the rate their account permits.

The message can be zipped by including the flag gzip=1 onto the initial connection URL 

Stream Data Usage

The packet data is supplied in a JSON format and is subject to additional fields being added. Your parsing method must be able to cope with this. 

The data is then used by your application to display data. It must not be used to store and save racing data either on your clients application or your own servers. Historical data for commercial use is available via a separate data licence.

Vendors have access to a historical data feed for testing applications without having to wait for live races. This feed is accessed via: wss:// and has extra connection response data as described later.